Los precios de las pólizas crecen por primera vez desde 2013 impulsados por los seguros de Daños.
8 marzo, 2018
25 octubre, 2018
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  • Bound local automobile coverage in St. Thomas, US virgin islands for a vehicle being shipped from the US.
  • Bound US Property, General Liability and Umbrella coverages for the New York based subsidiary of a French asset management & investment firm.
  • Placed standalone Employers’ Liability policy in UK to cover both UK and Ireland operations of a US based multinational computer consultancy firm.
  • Secured Broker of Record Letters for local policies issued in Jersey, Channel Islands and the USA for subsidiaries of a Canadian global gold-based financial services company.
  • Placed a standalone General Liability policy in Australia with a limit of AUS $20m for a wholesale distributor of automobile wheels.
  • Place overseas Directors & Officers policies in 5 countries as part of a controlled program on behalf of a global leader in energy storage and power delivery solutions.
  • Placed local Property & General Liability policies in Mexico as part of a controlled program for a distributor of electronic test and measurement solutions.
  • Implemented local policies in 11 overseas territories for Property, Stock Throughput and General Liability programs on behalf of a US based multinational engaged in recovery, remanufacturing of technology assets.
  • Placed a Clinical Trials Liability policy for a drug safety and tolerance study in Jordan with a local limit equivalent to the high US limits.
  • Placed both a Medical Evacuation policy and a K&R  policy with Political Evacuation coverage for employees working in Afghanistan.
  • Bound a local General Liability policy in Australia for a US based non-profit organization holding a worldwide week – long convention with over 600 participants .
  • Bound General Liability policies for three resorts in St Maarten on behalf of a US based owners association.



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